That we are

We are frontline human beings and we hold and form the line equally together.
No one can do it alone, no one can do it better.


Human Beings 100% Organic



Happiness resides in the heart
You are never far away from it

Happiness is there always
In your heart, turn and open to it

Like the butterfly
With its wings open to the sun

It is vulnerable and delicate
But still it takes flight

Wings closed and open
And then resting in the sun

Heaven is in your heart
Like a butterfly, wings open,

Feet rooted deep in the earth,
Where heaven belongs

Happiness is in the heart,
Like the butterfly with wings open

It is never overcome
And yet all the work it has already done,

Little caterpillar
With wings and beauty unfolding

In your heart is a butterfly
With its wings open to the sun

You need only to open to it,

from my Higher Self, at sunrise


There is no shame greater than the heart burns to embrace it.

In interviews … the subjects spoke of the pardoning process as an important step toward improving their lives. “These people can’t go anywhere else — they have to make peace,” Hugo explained. “Forgiveness is not born out of some airy-fairy sense of benevolence. It’s more out of a survival instinct.” Yet the practical necessity of reconciliation does not detract from the emotional strength required of these Rwandans to forge it — or to be photographed, for that matter, side by side.



Death & Desire

Crisis and catastrophe can bring you to the brink. Sometimes it can feel like death. Welcome death, for in it you will find that which you most desire.

That which you most desire is not your own expiration but your own inspiration.

Believe it, and if you can’t believe it, tell yourself you do. Self-suggest it. Imagine it – that each day, each moment, you are a little more inspired than you were yesterday.

Know yourself to be inspired as a way to feel yourself inspired. Knowing is a bridge to your feeling. As you meet feeling, you find the bridge works in both directions, and from your feeling you arrive at knowing. You know more, and you know more deeply.

The bridge is your wisdom and it exists to serve your body, your feelings, your mind. Your bridge is as robust as your passion is permitted, it is built with the bricks of each footstep across, and the footsteps need not only be your own, share it; bring a friend. If you have no friends, bring an imaginary friend.

Show them that what they most desire is not their own expiration but their own inspiration. Together, you will become it.

Take inspiration. The world is a breath waiting to happen.